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Published Jul 07, 21
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If essential, clear any tall plants from the path of the traverse, so that you will be able to see each marked point from the one before it. Start passing through at the very first point A. Get rid of the varying pole and stand at point A.

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Point A becomes station 1. The instructions you measure from there to point B, or station 2, is called an insight * (FS) since you are determining forward.

Look back at station 1 and determine the azimuth of line Bachelor's Degree, which is called a backsight (BS). Look forward at the next point C, or station 3, and measure the azimuth of line BC, a foresight (FS).

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A distinction of just 1 or 2 degrees between the FS and BS is acceptable and might be fixed later on (see action 19). If the mistake is greater, you need to make the measurement again prior to moving on to the next station.

Repeat this treatment, measuring horizontal distances from station to station and determining 2 azimuths (a BS and a FS) for each point. Nevertheless, from the last station at the end of an open traverse, you will just have a BS measurement, just as you had just an FS from station 1.

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You should thoroughly note down all the measurements you have made in a field book. You can utilize a table like the one shown in the example or you can make a rough sketch of the open traverse on square-ruled millimetric paper, noting down your measurements next to the appropriate stations in it.

(see Area 3. Utilizing the recognized station A, compare the position of the last station X with its recognized position X'. If this comparison shows a big error (the closing error XX'), you will need to change the observed traverse AX.

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Find azimuth AB- an insight- from the centre of this station with the compass. You can use a table comparable to the one recommended for the open traverse (see action 17).

At the exact same time, check to see that the foresights and backsights differ by 180 (Measured Building Survey). Example You have actually surveyed website ABCDEA with a closed traverse and your field notes are as follows: Stations Range (m) Azimuths (degrees) Determined distinction FS/BS (degrees) From To FS BS 1 2 90. 8 136 315 179 2 3 53.

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(see Section 3. (see Area 9. 1).

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